Conversations with Calliope- Sybil Reisch

Journey with Jeff

I have now completed two months of my service through AmeriCorps. Instead of concentrating on my writing I have moved to the background of the arts community. At GO ART! in Batavia, NY, I have been working to publicize arts events in the Genesee and Orleans County communities. I am also developing a program for Arts Awareness month in March. My project is to host and introduce Sybil Reisch, author of Journey with Jeff: Inspiration for Caretakers of People with Special Needs. I have known Sybil for a number of years and am happy to bring her to Batavia to talk on March 30 at GO ART!.  I plan to invite family  caretakers in the area through ARC, Genesee County Mental Health Center and the Senior Center as well as through local media. I have already gained a respect for what goes into presenting an arts program.


3 thoughts on “Conversations with Calliope- Sybil Reisch

  1. Joe, I am thrilled to see Sybil’s book receiving the acknowledgment it deserves. This event will be wonderful for the community. Journey with Jeff had a life-changing effect on me, personally, and I know it will for many others.

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