Behind the Scenes in the Arts

Cellar Window

Cellar Window

~There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you~ Maya Angelou

Joe: Good morning Calliope.
Calliope: Good morning Joe. You must be busy these days.
Joe: Indeed I am. But here I am. GO ART! is keeping me on my toes.
Calliope: Doing what ?
Joe: I started by helping out with small tasks and eventually got involved with redesigning our website.
Calliope: Mostly support work it seems.
Joe: Not entirely. I am also developing several projects. I alluded to one on Monday,  A Conversation with Sybil Reisch.
Calliope: How is it coming?
Joe: The basics are in place.  Now it’s time to work on publicity. I have a flyer and media release ready. Next is distribution.  I’ll get started with that on Tuesday.  I’ll get to work catching up on everything else this weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

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