Spirituality and Victim Rights

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. Nice to hear from you.
JOE: It’s nice to have some time for myself.
CALLIOPE: What’s going on?
JOE: I was asked to write an article about crime victims and spirituality.
CALLIOPE: I didn’t know you were an expert in this area.
JOE: I’m not, but then no one else seems to be either and the spirituality dimension is missing from the other considerations.
CALLIOPE: Tell me more.
JOE: I’ve started to research the topic and found some useful information. Now it is a matter of making it coherent.
CALLIOPE: Will you share it when it is finished?
JOE: I will have to wait until it is published first. Then I’d be glad to. Talk with you on Monday.


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