Busy at GO ART!

GO ART!, Seymour Center

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. It’s been quite a while since our last chat.
JOE: Sorry about that. I have been quite busy with GO ART!.
CALLIOPE: Doing what?
JOE: We have two manor events in the works. One is the dedication of our renovated building as GO ART!, Seymour Center.
CALLIOPE: I take it you have an old building.
JOE:It was built in the early 1830’s as the Bank of the Genesee which handled the transactions for the Holland Land Purchase, famous at least here in Western New York.
CALLIOPE: How did you get it?
JOE: The Batavia Club owned it for many years and gave it t0 us a few years ago for the Arts Council.
CALLIOPE: You said two projects.
JOE: The other is our Picnic in the Park for the Fourth of July. I am busy working on publicity materials for both events.
CALLIOPE: No wonder I haven’t heard from you.
JOE: I’ll try to post more often in the future.
CALLIOPE: Always a pleasure.
JOE: Back to today’s job of working on the bathroom. Keeps me grounded.


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