Chats with Calliope- The Phoenix Arises

GO ART!, Seymour Place

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. What have you been up to?
JOE: Busy, busy, busy. Along with smaller projects. GO ART! is getting ready for the grand reopening of our building next Friday.
CALLIOPE: How grand is it?
JOE: The building was built for the Bank of Genesee in the early 1830′s to finance the Holland Land Purchase which I studied in grammar school. Later the Batavia Club bought it and used it for many years. A few years ago they donated it to GO ART!. We recently completed renovation of the historic building and are planting flowers in final preparation to formally share it with the public next week.
CALLIOPE: Sounds exciting.
JOE: It is for us. I rummaged around in the basement and found original dirt floors from the 1830′s, several artifacts from over the years and old programs from events we sponsored.
CALLIOPE: Anything mysterious?
JOE: Yes. the most mysterious finding is an old safe on rollers. No one has been able to open it despite various efforts. We don’t know how far back it dates or what it might contain.
CALLIOPE: It’s fun to speculate sometimes.
JOE: We think so. Talk to you again.

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