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Allegheny River Misty Sunrise

JOE: Good afternoon Calliope.

CALLIOPE: Joe! I haven’t heard from you in ages. I have been reading your columns but thought you forgot about me.

JOE: I haven’t forgotten. I have been writing my columns, but otherwise have put aside writing for quite a while now.

CALLIOPE: What became of your writing?

JOE: I became involved with AmeriCorps and have been working several days a week at GO ART!, the arts council for Genesee and Orleans counties.

CALLIOPE: I remember that. But why give up writing?

JOE: I am not sure I gave it up. I saw myself as putting it on the back burner while I worked in the background supporting others’ art endeavors.

CALLIOPE: Laudable, but you don’t need a muse to do that.

JOE: I know. That’s why I haven’t been in touch with you. Something stirred in me the past week or so. Maybe the onset of Fall with the changing weather. I have an urge to get back to writing and am ready to do so. I am not quite sure where to start but would like your help. Are you willing to share the adventure with me?

CALLIOPE: What is a muse for? Of course I will travel with you.

JOE: Thanks. Glad to know you are there. I will keep you posted.


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