Getting Back to Work on My Writing

Gay Head Beach from Lillian's Cabana

JOE: Good morning Calliope.

CALLIOPE: Will wonders never cease. Once again I had almost given up on you. The only reason I knew you were still around was reading your newsletters.

JOE: Sorry to be so mysterious. I know I promised to visit with you more often.

CALLIOPE: I see from your last newsletter that you have been doing some traveling.

JOE: Indeed. I spent a wonderful few days in Martha’s Vineyard.

CALLIOPE: Did thoughts about Lillian Hellman inspire you?

JOE: The did. I imagined what she would have been thinking sitting in the cabana in which I sat huddled from the sandstorm blowing in off Nantucket Sound and what was left of Gay Head beach.

CALLIOPE: Inspiration is good. But what are you doing with it?

JOE: I found two books in the Bunch of Grapes bookstore in Vineyard Haven over which I have been poring aciduously.

CALLIOPE: To what end?

JOE: I have learned a considerable amount about bringing characters to life and how to balance showing and telling to good effect.

CALLIOPE: When will we see the results of your pursuit?

JOE: I plan to finish the second book this weekend. Then I will return to my manuscript of Marital Property. The story seems to be okay but the characters need to be brought to life rather than acting as props for the story. I will keep you informed. In the meantime I have another column coming your way tomorrow.


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