Another Saturday Afternoon

Jetty on Nantucket Sound
Jetty on Nantucket Sound

JOE: Good afternoon Calliope. How are things in muse world today?
CALLIOPE: That’s the first time I remember you asking. Fine, actually. Just waiting to see if you would show up today. What are you up to?
JOE: It’s been a busy day. This morning I worked on a rare Saturday helping with a grant evaluation meeting at GO ART!
CALLIOPE: Doesn’t sound too exciting.
JOE: It wasn’t. But it was important to many agencies and artists. I’m glad we could do it in the current economic climate.
CALLIOPE: Was that your whole day?
JOE:  No. I had some time this afternoon to work on Marital Property. I thought I would have quite a few changes to make but not the case.
CALLIOPE: Why do you suppose that is?
JOE:  The beginning of the the book has been the most heavily edited and is in pretty good shape. I think I will find a need for more change as I get into the middle of it.  From what I have read, that is the hardest part to make coherent.
CALLIOPE: I’ve heard that too and it’s been my experience with other writers.
JOE:  I will keep plugging along and see where it takes me.
CALLIOPE: Stay alert.
JOE: I will. Talk with you again.


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