New Edition of my Book Released

Young Man of the Cloth Cover

Young Man of the Cloth Cover

Young Man of the Cloth is now available in a Smashwords edition for $2.99. Smashwords offers Ebooks for almost every imaginable reading platform.

Young Man of the Cloth is a memoir about my nine years in the Passionist Order’s Seminary and Monasteries.

The 1960’s were a time of tumult for the American culture as well as for the Catholic Church. The Second Vatican Council raised hope on the part of many for changes in the church structure and way of doing things. For others, it was a time of fear that all they held dear would fall by the wayside. Monasteries served as a microcosm of the changes in the culture and in the Catholic Church. My story may give you some insight into the struggles taking place in the church at the time.

A relatively small number of priests have been abusive but I offer a start to understanding the cultural and religious influences which formed the context of their lives and experiences. Although it is easy to condemn them, it is a much harder task to understand them. There is much to explore, but I offer my experience of seminary training several decades ago as a starting point.

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