The Pastor’s Inferno released in Smashwords Edition

The Pastor’s Inferno by Joseph G. Langen is now available from Smashwords.

The Pastor's Inferno cover

The Pastor’s Inferno cover

Some novels are designed to distract the reader from his or her daily routine. Others are meant to lead the reader to a greater understanding of the human condition. This is a novel of the second sort.

The Pastor’s Inferno is a fictional account of a priest’s journey from denial to changing his life in a quest for redemption. Father John Spador learns how to confront his behavior and its consequences as well as his motivations and relationships. His story show how an otherwise ordinary person can become lost to his demons and then work toward redefining his life.

The Pastor’s Inferno is an insight into the mind of an abusive priest and explores why a priest might become abusive as well as what he might do about it. This story should have special importance for Catholic priests, the laity and hierarchy as well as those of other faiths touched by clergy sexual abuse. It will also appeal to readers interested in understanding the darker side of the human condition and how to approach it. This story explores explicit sexual themes but is by no means pornographic.

This book is available from Smashwords (all reading formats) for $2.99. Purchase or sample this book at Read more about the author at For more about his writing or to subscribe to his free newsletter, visit


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