Mysteries, Mysteries, Mysteries


Houston Space Center antenna

Houston Space Center Antenna

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. I see we have a new title.
JOE: Well, yes. Sorry to say not many people know who you are. I thought they should know right off the bat that you are my muse.
CALLIOPE: I guess I can’t argue with that. What’s this about mysteries.
JOE: The big one is where all this creative energy came from after several low key years. I am back to working on my latest novel, redid my website, listed all my Ebooks on Smashwords, automated my newsletter and set up a Pinterest account.
CALLIOPE: Where are all these found.
JOE: Pinterest can be found at, my Smashwords books and profile are at and my website draft is at I plan to move it to my regular Sliding Otter domain later this week.
CALLIOPE: I guess you have been busy. Don’t forget who your muse is.
JOE: I won’t and thanks.

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