Progress with Pictures

Dawn over Nantucket Sound

Dawn over Nantucket Sound

JOE: Good afternoon Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good afternoon Joe.
JOE: This is just a quick visit to update you on my progress on Marital Property. I incorporated some technical changes based on my friend Margie’s superior knowledge of Martha’s Vineyard. I also reduced my picture size so the manuscript was withing acceptable limits for Smashwords. I also prepared the cover.
CALLIOPE: Good progress. What’s left?
JOE: Three things. First is some editing of the sexual passages to make them a little more sensual. Then is a final proofreading. Finally I have a couple female friends I would like to have read the book. If all goes well I will be ready for publication after these steps.
CALLIOPE: Great progress. Let me know how it goes.
JOE: I’ll keep you posted.


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