Entering the Next Phase of Life

Florida Sunrise

Florida Sunrise

JOE: Good afternoon, Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good afternoon, Joe. I heard a rumor about you traveling.
JOE: A well founded rumor.  Since I last posted, I retired (again) and spent my first month of retirement on Manisota Key in Englewood, Florida.
CALLIOPE: Was it as good as it sounds.
JOE: Wonderful, like Paradise. It was the warmest January anyone could remember. I can’t say I accomplished much except keeping up with my columns.
CALLIOPE: What did you do?
JOE: Walked the beach every morning collecting shells, sharks teeth and sand dollars, doing yoga on the beach, swimming in the pool and socializing with all the people Carol and I know in Florida.
CALLIOPE: Sounds great.
JOE: I have no complaints other than a temporary setback of breaking my elbow (radius). Fortunately I did not need a cast and was soon in back in the pool for mild exercise.
CALLIOPE: Great. Now what.
JOE: I am still a little groggy from my travels but am currently exploring a schedule although it is not final yet.
CALLIOPE: What might it consist of?
JOE: Morning pages, writing, painting so far. Who knows what else might come along.
CALLIOPE: Enjoy your new-found leisure
JOE: I plan to. TTFN.


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