Marriage and the Moral Landscape

Capturing human behavior

Capturing human behavior

JOE: Good afternoon, Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good afternoon, Joe. How goes the fray?
JOE: Fortunately not too frazzled. Yesterday I finished Graff’s book, What is Marriage For as well as Timothy Taylor’s The Prehistory of Sex.
CALLIOPE: Sounds ambitious. What were the results of your perusal?
JOE: I found a great deal of useful information in the first book  and took copious notes. The second was quite interesting but not as relevant to my topic.
CALLIOPE: And today?
JOE: This morning I participated in a fundraising walk for the National Alliance on Mental Illness which does work very close to my professional and personal interests. The rest of the day, after some lawn mowing, was devoted to Sam Harris’s The Moral Landscape.
CALLIOPE: What delicacies have you discovered there.
JOE: Not so much delicacies and very important questions such as where our morality comes from and where it is headed. So far I have been reading about the implications of the standoff between religious conservatives and secular liberals. The thrust of this book appears so far geared to what science can teach us about our values and where they are taking us.
CALLIOPE: Sounds pretty heavy?
JOE: No question. It is quite a dense book. Although it does not focus specifically on marriage, it covers quite a bit of groundwork which should be helpful with my book.
CALLIOPE: Great. I can’t wait to see where all this takes you.
JOE: Neither can I but I am looking forward to the journey. P.S. I said I would give you a chance to see my newsletter, Untangling Marriage, Politics and Religion. It is available to muses as well as mortals for free at where you can try out my Sliding Otter Newsletter and continue for free if you like.

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