Ready to get back to writing


.Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.
Calliope: Good afternoon Joe. Back from your travels?
Joe: Yes. I had another great month in Florida. A bit cooler than last year, but a pleasant change from the Northeast.
Calliope: Now what?
Joe: I was waiting to thaw out. But I guess that will take a while. I wrote a newsletter last week about stress and had much more to say than I could in the allotted space.
Calliope: So what do you plan to do about it?
Joe: I gave it some thought and decided to write a book about stress. I wrote down a list of related ideas and then sat down to write. At least I have a start.
Calliope: Great. Glad to see you are back to work. 
Joe: Thanks. I feel I have reestablished a purpose in life after lying fallow (happily) for some time.
Calliope: I hope you enjoy the process.
Joe: I do and I will keep you posted on my progress.