Stress and the Mind

Organizing in the sand

Organizing in the sand

Joe: Good morning, Calliope.

Calliope: Good morning Joe. How goes the writing?

Joe: Well, thank you. I have completed 45 pages of my book on stress. So far I have finished the foreword and chapters one through five.

Calliope: Where are you now?

Joe: I just finished my draft of a chapter on stress and the mind and am now working on stress and feelings/emotions.

Calliope: Is this chapter on feelings or emotions or feelings and emotions.?

Joe: Good question. I got to thinking about the difference between feelings and emotions and realized I was not sure whether they were the same thing or differed somehow.

Calliope: What did you discover?

Joe: I did some research and found that most people writing about the relationship between the two had very firm ideas.

Calliope: Did that help?

Joe: Not in the least. the entrenched ideas were quite contradictory. Some thought they were the same thing. Others thought feelings were physical and emotions mental and some thought just the opposite. That’s as far as I got and haven’t reached a conclusion about the matter myself.

Calliope: A conundrum.

Joe: To say the least. Sometimes I need to let things percolate in my mind before I know how to proceed. I guess I will take that approach. I will let you know what happens.


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