The Beginning of the End

Nina Replica

Nina Replica

Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Good afternoon Joe. I trust you have been busy with your new book.

Joe: Indeed I have. I finished the first draft a couple days ago.

Calliope: Now what?

Joe: Good question. Several tasks await. One is to go through the book sentence by sentence to see if it is written clearly. Then second is check my organization of topics. The third is to add any topics I might have overlooked. I already know a couple, namely shame and the relationship between sex and stress. The fourth is to compile a list of suggested readings.

Calliope: Will that complete your work?

Joe: Not quite. I have some readers ready to comb over the book for content, grammar and punctuation. Then I will most likely have more editing to do in response to their comments.

Calliope: Sounds like you have been down this road before.

Joe; I have, over the course of my last five books. At least I know what lies ahead. After all this, I will start with my shopping for an agent and eventually a publisher.

Calliope: No self publishing this time?

Joe: I will try the traditional route at least for a while to see whether there might be a market for it.  As a last result I will resort to self publishing if necessary. I will post my latest newsletter here tomorrow. It’s theme is from the stress book.


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