On to Spirituality

Getting in Gear

Getting in Gear

Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Good afternoon Joe. I wondered what became of you.

Joe: As you might have guessed I became sidetracked from work on my book.

Calliope: What happened this time?

Joe: Summer happened. After being holed up all winter, everyone I know seems to have suddenly become more social. I must include myself. So far the summer seems like a constant party. Well not quite, but it seems like it. I have been having too much fun to concentrate on writing.

Calliope: Are you still in party mode?

Joe: I still have plenty on my plate, so to speak. Maybe it was the heat, but I have found myself in the cool basement with my computer screen staring at me. I tried writing a few times and it felt unfamiliar.

Calliope: So now what?

Joe: I wondered that myself. Natalie Goldberg advises keeping the pen moving (or the cursor in my case.) Eventually it worked and I am back into writing mode. I discovered a few topics I left out of my first draft.

Calliope: What are you working on now?

Joe: I am revisiting the chapter on stress and spirituality. I wrote a couple of columns in the mean time and added them to the book.

Calliope: Do you think I could see one of the columns of which you speak?

Joe: Indeed. I would be happy to share  on on Life, Religion and Spirituality. I will have it to you tomorrow.


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