Rising from Hibernation

Light Post

Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Good Afternoon Joe. I thought you might hibernate a bit longer.

Joe: With the snow we have had, I wonder if it will ever melt. On with Life!

Calliope: What do you have on your agenda?

Joe: I am waiting for feedback on my teen book from me teen readers. Then I can complete Navigating Your 
Teen Years: Tips for the Voyage.

Calliope: Is that it?

Joe: No. I am working on publicity for Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life. I recently appeared on local radio and am planning a writing workshop for Mid April where I will talk about writing this book as well as my other writing.

Calliope: Sounds exciting.

Joe: It is. I am looking forward to it. I hosted a similar program for a poet several years ago, and now I am to be the featured guest. It’s quite a change.

I hope it goes well. Stay in touch.

I hope so too. I will try to be a little more regular in my posts.

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