Make the Best of Your Teen Years: 105 Ways to Do It

Make the Best cover

Joe: Good morning Calliope.

Calliope: Good Morning Joe. How goes the publication work?

Joe: I was happy to find that my new book, How to Make the Best of Your Teen Years: 105 Ways to Do It, is now available from Amazon in paperback and as an Ebook.

Calliope: Did you find the process difficult?

Joe: I can’t say it was simple, but this is my sixth book an I am getting familiar with the process.

Calliope: What was the process?

Joe: I started writing the book about nine years ago when I found some teens to complete a questionnaire about their lives and who also agreed to be interviewed. I put this together and also wrote a couple stories for the book. I guess I wasn’t in the mood then to write any more stories and put the book on the shelf. In November, I started thinking about it again and went as far as a final draft. I had two adults, Linda Lathan and Mike Iten. as well as two teens, Cassidy Caccamise and Emily Leone read it. Based on their input, I made significant changes and wrote stories for each of the chapters. In light of all the changes, I submitted a new cover and text to CreateSpace. After combing over the digital proof, I made several more changes. I first wrote the book in Word 2003, moved it to Scrivener for the editing and back to Word for final formatting. I had to use separate formatting for the paperback and Ebook editions.  I also wrote some marketing copy for my Amazon listing. And voila! It’s for sale through Amazon. Now on to more marketing.


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