Kayaking in the ocean of marketing


Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Good afternoon Joe. How goes the writing life?

Joe: The picture about sums it up. It is a great adventure but much to consider, including whether to live here at all.

Calliope: Having second thoughts about spending so much of your time writing?

Joe: Not at all. I am delighted to be here and have the opportunity to write and share my thoughts with those who are open to them.

Calliope: Then what’s the problem?

Joe: I can’t really say it’s a problem. It’s just the the whole venture sometimes seems overwhelming, especially the marketing part.

Calliope: I see. What are you doing about it?

Joe: I take in what I can every day and apply it the best I know how. I have been working on an overall marketing strategy which is an ongoing process. Where it will take me remains to be seen. I guess I just have to remember to take one step, or one fathom, at a time.

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