7 Steps to Reframe and Change Your Relationship With Stress

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Stress is the modern-day plague. Anxious, overworked, and overwhelmed are the words describing many American’s lives. Stress has been associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Stress can even shrink the brain according to new studies. In the workplace, stress-related health problems amount to more than $180 billion in healthcare expenses each year.

It’s pretty clear that stress is the enemy. But could stress also be an ally? PsychologistKelly McGonigal has led the charge with her research undermining the conventional view that stress is bad. Rather than be at the mercy of your stress, their are powerful benefits when you choose to master your stress. McGonigal says that people are able to “transform fear into courage, isolation into connection, and suffering into meaning.”

Here are seven steps to change your relationship with stress and make stress your ally:

Excerpt from Thai Nguyen’s article in the Huffington Post- Read more


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