Getting My Bearings


Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Good afternoon Joe. I have enjoyed the posts you have shared but have missed our chats.

Joe: I must say I have missed them too. I have been so busy keeping up with my writing, i have not taken the time to talk with you. My apologies.

Calliope: Accepted. Tell me where you are now with your writing.

Joe: You may know from my posts elsewhere that my days writing for the Daily News in Batavia are over.

Calliope: have heard rumors. Tell me more.

Joe: I have been writing columns for them for fifteen years now and had planned to continue indefinitely. I sent them a draft contract agreement when I first started but never heard back from them. We have been operating on a verbal agreement for fifteen years without difficulty.

Recently they wanted me to sign a contract giving them all publication rights rather than first serial rights. As I understand their proposal, I would not have any republication rights for the next 95 years. That seemed a bit too long for me.  I again proposed first serial rights. The person I talked with said twice that he would get back to me but has not.

My next column was truncated, the first time I can remember. On the next publication date, my column was not published at all. I was unsuccessful in getting any explanation. Therefore I must assume that they have discontinued our agreement.

I am saddened to leave my local readers and wished I had a chance to say goodbye to them. I will continue to post my articles in my free e-mail newsletter, my website and on various social media.

That’s my most recent development. On another front, I am continuing research for a book on violence which I am almost ready to start writing. I will keep you posted on further developments and converse with you a little more regularly.




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