Moving right along


Joe: Good morning Calliope.

Calliope: Good morning Joe. What’s new with you?

Joe: I have been trying to get into gear with my latest book on Violence and Peace. The topic seems most timely. I have been working for several months gathering background information as a backdrop to what I want to say.

Calliope: But that’s not actually writing anything.

Joe: I realize that. I have gathered many ideas but seem to have trouble organizing them. I thought back to previous writers who wrote books in a serial fashion, mostly novelists. I have been able to formulate my thoughts on a few relevant topics and have released them as articles. See them on my website. I have found this a good way to at least get started.

Calliope: Sounds worth a try. How are you going about organizing your thoughts?

Joe: I have been using Scrivener which I have found useful in the past. Many of the ideas are there but not in an organized fashion. Organization into an outline is my next step and after that, filling in the details.

Calliope: At least you have a plan. Good luck with it.

Joe: Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.



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