35 Over 35 Honors Authors Who Found Success Later In Life

The celebration of youth is everywhere, not just in beauty magazines. Literary organizations also champion the hip and emerging, by recognizing the progress of rising stars under 40, under 35. This is a great way to keep talent on readers’ radars, but it is, necessarily, limited.

There are plenty of reasons why a writer might break out after 35. Writing a book is difficult and time-consuming. For most, it requires a good deal of attention, something not everyone can afford. Some writers waited until after they had raised children to commit to their craft; others emerged from different, more traditionally practical career paths.Excerpt from Maddie Crum’s article in the Huffington Post. Read more.

End of the Year Thoughts

Shuttle Cockpit

Shuttle Cockpit

Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Good afternoon,  Joe. I wondered when i would hear from you.

Joe: I haven’t forgotten about you. I have just been extremely busy with my writing and keeping up with the changing world, especially in our country.

Calliope: Tell me about your writing.

Joe: I finished writing From Rage and Violence to Peace and Harmony. I have two readers reviewing it for content and my editor/proofreader is waiting in the wings. The book went well but took more research than I thought it would.

Calliope: Congratulations. I will be waiting to see it. Are you just waiting for the editorial reviews and proofing?

Joe: No. I have gone on to start working on my next book. The working title is Violence in America. This is coming along well and about half finished as we speak. I have also been keeping up with articles for Sliding Otter News. I have published a couple excerpts from my violence and peace book as articles.

Calliope: I am glad you are keeping busy. What’s with the shuttle cockpit photo?

Joe: I feel I am on a trip to an alternate universe since the campaigns and recent election. I feel like I have lost my bearings and am struggling to remain upright. I guess the older you get, the harder it is to adapt to change. I keep reminding me that it is only change and not disaster. But it is hard for me to be reassured.

Calliope: Strap yourself in and hang on for the ride!