Back at work



Joe: Good afternoon Calliope.

Calliope: Hi Joe. I missed you. What have you been up to?

Joe: Would you believe working on my writing? I finished working on From Rage and Violence to Peace and Harmony. It took a while to arrange editing which is now in progress. In the mean time, I recently finished writing Anger in America and just got done working on the references yesterday.

Calliope: So publication is the next step?

Joe: It is. I am wondering how to go about doing it. The violence book will be ready first and then the anger book. I have not decided which to publish first or whether to do them simultaneously. I guess I will need to decide pretty soon and get going.

Calliope: Both of these books seem timely in our current state of affairs nationally, politically and in terms of relationships.

Joe: I hear that from everyone I talk to. Yet I want to be sure they are the best they can be before getting them in print. Patience is not a virtue I come by easily but I guess I am old enough to start practicing it. I will keep you posted on developments. I have published some excerpts of both books on my free newsletter ( and on my Sliding Otter publications website (

Calliope: Keep up the good work. I’ll take a look at the excerpts.