Are you ready for a taste of success?

Review of Easy Habit Mastery by R.C. Peterson

by Joseph G. Langen

Easy Habit Mastery

It is a bit early to consider New Years’ resolutions. But this book brought them to mind for me. I have never seen a report of the percentage of resolutions kept for any amount of time. My guess is that it would not amount to much. Why? Most people start large, don’t consider what is involved and don’t take into account their resistance to change, despite their best intentions.

Peterson does take all this into account in proposing a different approach to developing and following through with new habits. First you must acknowledge your resistance to change the status quo. Key to his approach is starting with small incremental changes which your brain will more readily accept.

He suggests habits to adopt in six areas. First is diet and exercise such as morning stretching and eliminating unhealthy foods one at a time. He suggests mental habits such as listing your worries and gratitudes on a daily basis. He proposes financial habits such as budgeting and prioritizing purchases. He invites his readers to develop better relationship habits such as being honest in important matters. In business matters, he suggests delivering what you promise. Finally, he suggests personal development habits such as reading and documentaries as well as periodic review of your goals.

We have been trained to expect whatever we want immediately. No wonder so many people are frustrated. Peterson encourages his readers to start small and pace themselves so that they can be successful with small challenges leading to more profound changes. Are you ready for as taste of success?


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