Still Sidetracked

Engine 999

Steam Engine 

JOE: Good morning, Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning, Joe. I assume you have been busy working on your books.
JOE: Would that it were so.  My train has been sidetracked for health repairs for a while now and I am starting to get restless.
CALLIOPE: Even your columns?
JOE: No. I have managed to get them to the newspaper and to my online readers.
CALLIOPE:  So what’s going on in the health department.
JOE: I am finally accepting that I have diabetes. I got my glucose meter after much ado with Medicare red tape, took a series of diabetes education classes, met with a nutritionist and have read everything I could find about diabetes.
CALLIOPE: You have been busy. Is that it.
JOE: Not quite. I have also been trying get to the truth of a pancreatic cyst which was accidentally discovered in April while I was having my appendix removed.
CALLIOPE: Where does that stand?
JOE: Mostly on the outside of my pancreas. The question is whether it is of any concern. The shape of it on a CT scan does not look like it is cancerous. Blood markers do not indicate it is cancerous. Last Thursday, I had an ultrasound and needle biopsy for which the lab results are pending. Once they are back I should know what I am dealing with.
CALLIOPE: Sounds scary.
JOE: It is. But the results so far seem promising. I think I have the diabetes at bay for the time being and after getting the results of the biopsy later this week, I should have my life back. Then we shall see.